Thursday, October 5, 2017

Nature Walk In Singapore

During my recent trip to Singapore, I realised Singapore has lot more than a pretty skyline to offer. A quick search on Google led me to many  walking trails and wide variety of options to test my endurance.

Decided to try MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk, a popular hiking spot among nature lovers in Singapore. It offers many different routes of varying difficulty and I am sure  it was a bit confusing to first timers like me, but I should also say they have definitely made effort to make it easy by putting up with lots of sign on the way.

A free-standing suspension bridge of about 250 metres, known for its scenic nature views and accessed by hiking trails is the key attraction this trail offers to its visitors.
Keep in mind, if you decide to go on the suspension bridge, it is too narrow to turn back mid way and hence prepare yourself for lots and lots of wooden stairs to climb down when you reach the end of the suspension bridge. I should warn you as it will not be a pleasant experience if you have knee problems.  The visit doesn't cost anything - no entry fee, which is surprising given the fact that you are in Singapore.

Located at 601 Island Club Rd, Singapore 578775, one could choose different hike trails based on the time availability.  The shortest route is from Venus Drive Carpark, which is 2 kilometres to the TreeTop as per the sign board, but when you walk it feels like you are walking forever. There is a Ranger station with restroom and resting place on the way. But keep in mind this place has lot of monkeys and there are sign board warning about snakes. So it is good to be prepared when you plan to visit.